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Claim your FREE £5 Gift Card when you spend between £2.50 and £3.50 on your parking at Hunters Bridge Car Park Monday to Friday.

Just take your secondary stub or your proof of parking if paying by phone to The Kiosk (upstairs at the Howard Centre by the main escalators) Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm.

31 JANUARY 2022

Welwyn Garden City Gift Card - Participating Businesses

  • A Plan Insurance - 28 Stonehills, AL8 6PD 

  • Academy Hair & Beauty - 38-40 Fretherne Road AL8 6NU 

  • All About Me - 18 Church Road AL8 6PS

  • Anytime Fitness - The Howard Centre AL8 6HA

  • Ashley Charles Hairdressers - 20 Church Road AL8 6PS

  • Bebo Café - 11 Stonehills AL8 6NA 

  • Café Trio - 15 Wigmores North AL8 6PL

  • Cash Brokers - 8 Church Road Al8 6PS

  • Campus West - The Campus AL8 6BX

  • Clarks - 17  The Howard Centre AL8 6ER 

  • Cote Brasserie - 1-3 Howardsgate, AL8 6AL

  • Crane & Staples - Fretherne Road AL8 6TU 

  • Elley Spa - 4B Church Road AL8 6NS

  • Future Gifts - 16 Church RoadAL8 6PS

  • Godshaw Jewellers - 42 Wigmores North AL8 6PH

  • Greys Hairdresssing - 45 Howardsgate AL8 6AP

  • Hotel Chocolat - 2 The Howard CentreAL8 6ER

  • HRJ Foreman Laws - 10 Parkway AL8 6HG 

  • John Lewis & Partners (excluding The Place to Eat) - Bridge Road AL8 6UL 

  • Johnson Cleaners - 43 Fretherne Road AL8 6NS 

  • Kallkwik - 36A Howardsgate AL8 6BJ 

  • Kinetic Cycles - 2A Church Road AL8 6PT 

  • Lamberts Flower Company - 48 Howardsgate AL8 6BJ 

  • Mail Boxes, etc -  39B Howardsgate AL8 6AP

  • La Mesa Familia - 66 Howardsgate AL8 6BP

  • Londis Howardsgate - Howardsgate AL8 6AP

  • Messages - 9 Stonehills AL8 6NA

  • Misya Meze & Grill -  67 Parkway AL8 6JQ

  • Muffin Break - 42 The Howard Centre AL8 6ES 

  • Natural Health - 36 Wigmores North AL8 6PH 

  • Next -  28-29 The Howard Centre AL8 6ER 

  • Pizza Express - Howardsgate AL8 6BJ 

  • Red Indian Restaurant - 49 Wigmores North AL8 6PG

  • Rise Gym - Fretherne Road AL8 6PZ 

  • Salvation Army - Howardsgate AL8 6BQ 

  • Singhar Beauty - The Howard Centre AL7 6ES 

  • Snappy Snaps - Howardsgate AL8 6BB

  • Spectrum Hair - 44 Frethern Road AL8 6NU

  • Stonehills Hairdressing - Stonehills AL8 6NA 

  • The Kiosk - The Howard Centre AL8 6ES

  • The Salon - 7 Howardsgate AL8 6AL

  • The Two Willows - 9 Howardsgate AL8 6AW

  • Toni & Guy - The Howard Centre AL8 6ES 

  • Voodoo Ink Tattoo - 17 Wigmores South AL8 6PL

  • Waterstones - Howardsgate AL8 6BP

  • Welwyn Dry Cleaners - 37 Wigmores North AL8 6PG


31 JANUARY 2022
Spend between £2.50 and £3.50 in Hunters Bridge car park (AL8 6UN - opposite WGC Bus Station) Monday to Friday after 9.30am and we will treat you to a £5 Wonderful WGC Gift Card to spend on your next visit.

To claim your Gift Card, visit The Kiosk (upstairs at the Howard Centre by the main escalators) from Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm.

You will be able to spend your Gift Card in over 30 businesses in Welwyn Garden City town centre, find the list on this website.

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WGC Gift Card Campaign - Terms and Conditions

  • To qualify for the £5 gift card reward you need to park in Hunters Bridge car park and spend between £2.50 and £3.50 to park Monday to Friday after 9.30 am.  

  • You can claim the £5 gift between 12 July and 1 September 2021 inclusively. There is a limited amount of gift cards available, so the promotion may be terminated early.  

  • To claim your gift card you need to present your car parking stub or proof that you have paid between £2.50 and £3.50 if you are paying for your parking by phone.

  • One gift card can be claimed per day, per household paying the qualifying parking fee in Hunters Bridge Car Park.

  • Gift cards can be redeemed from the ‘valid from date’ on the reverse of the card, until 31st January 2022. Please note that even if your card has a printed epiry date of 'January 2021' it can now be redeemed up until 2022.

  • Gift cards can be redeemed in participating businesses.  A full list of those businesses can be found on our website www.wonderfulwgc.co.uk or on our LoyalFree app, on the ‘Trails’ tab.

  • Gift cards CANNOT be used in supermarkets or other venues where take away food and beverage are provided.

  • Gift cards CANNOT be used for the purchase of alcohol or tobacco.

  • Gift cards can only be used once and have a value of £5. Minimum spend is £5,  No change will be given. Gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash.

  • Up to 5 gift cards (total £25) can be redeemed against one purchase.  Spend must equal or exceed the total monetary value of gift cards as no change will be given. 

  • Please protect your card and treat it as cash; we cannot replace lost, stolen or damaged cards.

  • The WGC BID reserves the right to terminate the promotion at any time at its discretion.

  • Some participating businesses may have specific restrictions on the use of the Wonderful WGC Gift Card, please check with the individual business.

  • Should the Kiosk not be available, you can submit your car parking ticket by post to WGC BID, Office 7, Floor 3 The Gate House, Fretherne Road AL8 6NS