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The WGC £5 Gift Card that  
you for 
shopping, drinking and eating 

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This festive season we are rewarding you for supporting local businesses. 

The WGC Gift card. 

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  • You can redeem your £5 WGC Gift Card from 07/11/2023 up until and including the 31/01/2024 

  • There is a limited amount of gift cards available, the promotion will run while stocks last. 

  • Gift cards will  not be valid or accepted after 31/01/2024. 

  • The £5 WGC Gift Card can be redeemed in participating small/independent businesses (listed above) 

  • No more than 4 £5 WGC Gift cards (total £20) can be used per transaction or booking (food and drink businesses will only accept up to 4 gift cards per group/table)

  • Gift cards can only be used once and have a value of £5. Minimum spend is £5. Please note that no change will be given and cards will be retained by the businesses once used. 

  • Gift cards can not be exchanged for money. 

  • Lost gift cards will not be replaced. Please look after your gift card. 

  • Some of our participating businesses may have specific restrictions on use.

  • Please double check with businesses and make them aware you are using a WGC Gift Card. 

  • The £5 WGC Gift Card can only be used in store and will not be accepted for takeaways. 

  • Gift cards CANNOT be used for the purchase of alcohol, tabaco or vaping products.

  • The WGC BID reserves the right to terminate the promotion at any time at its discretion.

  • Some participating businesses may have specific restrictions on the use of the Wonderful WGC Gift Card, please check with the individual business.

If you have any questions regarding our WGC GIFT card campaign please get in touch:

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