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Screen On The Green Update. 
July 2024 


Screen On The Green will be taking a little hiatus to make way for 2 weeks of live action sport from Wimbledon and the Paris Olympics.  

Watch it, be part of it and get active. 

This was a difficult decision for us make. With each event, we conduct an extensive evaluation which looks at everything from event attendance, feedback from both public and our levy payers, whether it met our business objectives and whether it was value for money.

Last year's Screen on The Green received some surprising feedback and did not fully meet our objectives. Last year's Screen On The Green was one of our lowest attended movie screenings with feedback regarding poor film choice and that the event was the "same boring films" every year. The event failed to engage with all audiences. During this year's break we will explore how we can screen movies that are not just for the younger audience. 


Our businesses feedback that the event did not increase their footfall and spend as it had in previous years.


The public event evaluation form highlighted that people wanted live music and live sports screened in the town centre. Based on all this information the team made the difficult decision to put the SOTG event on a little hiatus and explore other ways to engage with local audiences, whilst still meeting our business objectives.

Summer Of Sports is a fantastic opportunity for us to screen two major sporting events within the town centre, over two separate weeks, as well as engage with local sports clubs and groups to promote their facilities and encourage people get active and have fun engaging in sport.


As well as our Summer of Sports and partnership with BIG Summer, we will also be delivering our second World Food Festival in September and a variety of festive events and installations in time for the Christmas period. 

We are hopeful that the event will return in 2025 with a more diverse film choice that will hopefully cater to a wider audience.

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